Expensive Science Baby

Expensive Science Baby

We try to make a baby, on a podcast! One clueless couple's journey into the wonderful, confusing, and expensive world of infertility and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Come along with us on an honest and real-time journey using crazy-good science to create a baby. We'll even try to be funny.

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    Episode 97: Depression Hour With Chris

    Hey, are you having a good day? Are things going well right now? Don't listen to this. It's too fracking depressing. Instead, try Star Trek Discovery, or maybe go see the new Queen movie. That was good! Hey, warned you!

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    Episode 96: Well There Goes That!

    Amee and Chris come to terms with what could be and grapple with more crapola. Plus, cat's do things, babies Trick or Treat, and the world moves forward. Come on in for a spell.

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    Episode 95: BIG Changes!

    WE'RE BACK! Ready to talk and laugh and well, probably laugh some more. Chris and Amee return to talk babies, TV, movies, IVF, you know the drill. Plus, a special announcement that could send the Banks household upside down and inside out! An Expensive Science Baby day, is a good day. Come good 'day with us!

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    Episode 94: Summer Over Yet?

    Amee and Chris return! Yes, AMEE returns to talk summer, shows, thoughts, feelings, and babies. Plus, zoos, rides, infections, oh my. Come on join us, friends!

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    Episode 93: Chrisfest 2018

    Chris joins your world for a small while, while Amee undergoes "Hell Week"! So much to do and say, and I doubt we'll do or say any of it! But, we'll have fun while trying. Come along on a solo voyage to the original Isle of Banks.

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    Episode 92: End Times?

    Amee and Chris prove they still exist by returning to the mic forever... forever! Plus, Amee questions the listeners, Chris should get 4 hours sleep, P has a birthday, and babies learn to do their best tigger impressions! I know I love you, you know I love you, but do you know you love you?

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    Episode 91: 'Merica!

    Amee and Chris return to spread 4th of July cheers to your ears. (Super rhymer supreme) This week Amee never stays home, Chris sheds it up, and the babies discover the love of H2O. I love to share, my teddy bear, I love to share with you. I love to share with all of my friends, I love to share it's true.

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    Episode 90: My WIfe the Bobcat

    How many cats can you cat in a cat-cat? I don't know either. This weak Amee performs, Chris shed stresses, and one baby learns to lead with his hand! This crazy ride of life is best when experiencing it together. Jump on in the car!

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    Episode 89: Save All The Frogs!

    Amee and Chris return that the frogs most desperate moment. Plus, brothers like brothers, all the food is gone, and a distant insult from the remote country of meatballs and Vikings sends Chris into a downward spiral of shame and self-loathing. If you were a taco, I wouldn't even wait until Taco Tuesday to eat you.

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    Episode 88: Infection Reflection

    Weeeeeeeee'rrrrreeeee Back! After our exclusive three year tour of Europe, Scandinavia, and the Sub-Continent! This week Mother's Day is full of infections, babies are full of thoughts, and Chris is just, well, just full of it. Come put our pod in your ear!

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